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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dappled sunlight streams through
Layered stories of green
That's us and how we are
And what we'll never be
There's always hope that the spring will
Overtake this chill in the air
As I watched the rain gently disrupt the puddles
I realized how beautiful it was to me
Everlasting ripples in such a small pool
Sometimes we like to hear ourselves talk
But me, I'd rather just hear you talk
Because your voice is comfortable like sleeping
And your laugh is like a clear blue day
But I'm still in a rainstorm on my balcony
Just dreaming again
I wonder if it'll ever stop raining
Will the puddles turn to dark, raging oceans
That sweep me away?
Taking me to foreign lands
Where the air is always hazy
Choking memories of the sun

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