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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Death of Music

So I know this post has nothing to do with reading, but I just went on a major rant this morning and decided that my opinion was worth sharing, so here it is:

I think that Brad Paisley killed music. Like seriously, his music is SO BAD that it makes me wanna stop listening forever. If I have to hear that STUPID Tick song one more time--or even worse--that STUPID song called The World, I think I may just vomit. I mean none of his songs have any value whatsoever. I have no problem with songs that are light-hearted or funny, but his songs are so corny--I mean I guess if you're a redneck and you have no higher level of thinking then maybe you might enjoy them.

I love just about any kind of music, but Brad Paisley makes me wanna barf blood.

I'll get back to the space travel thing, really. But I decided that since it's gonna be a part of my next book, I'm gonna go to the library and do some real research on it. It'll be awesome.

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