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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 6-Favorite Superhero and Why

So, maybe I'm not blogging every day. Kinda like how I decided I would journal every single day this year. Oh man, not happening...

My favorite superhero is Batman. Of course, technically, he's not even "super" hero since he doesn't have any out-of-the ordinary powers--just a lot of money to buy some really sweet high-tech gadgets.

Anyway, at first, the real reason why Batman is my favorite superhero is just that he's plain cool. I mean, seriously, the guy wears a batsuit and swings between buildings every night, taking out bad guys. Really, he kicks as much butt as Superman and he's just a normal human being--well, one trained by ninjas with awesome technology, but still. Bruce Wayne may seem like a wealthy, bitter recluse by day, but at night, he's making life better for the city of Gotham. He has a dark past, but he uses that as his inspiration to make the world better.

I just remember watching Batman on Saturday mornings as a kid, even though I thought it was a boy thing, I still watched it, mostly because my older brother thought it was cool, and if Clayton thought something was cool, then it definitely was. I think that's still true. And now there's no doubt that when it comes to superhero movies, the absolute best one that's ever been made is The Dark Knight. No contest. The writing, the cinematography, the music, the acting (Heath Ledger made himself a legend as The Joker), and let's face it, Christian Bale is a hottie.

I have such a hard time ending these. Years of English classes tell me I should sum this all up and conclude it, but everything I write sounds like a lame conclusion for an English class. Stupid English classes. Why did I never learn to write a cool conclusion?

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